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  1. does this app support HTML5?

  2. 1)i need help can my friends or anyone see my webpages or a mini site i have developed if i buy the full version .
    2)does it require a structure to be followed like eclipse run the project
    Please clear these doubts please il buy full version if yes..

    • Hi,

      1. You can show your site if you will put in on web-server and say ip address to friends. It do not touch full version. (But you can buy it if you just like it ) ).
      2. No, it opperate only with folders, and do not have predefined structure.


  3. Needs a JS console to be properly useful. I have the paid version, but it’s too frustrating to go back to debugging JavaScript without the sort of console you get with modern desktop browsers.

    • Yep, I agree. But I don’t know if there is mobile browser with that feature or free library to do that. Implementing it by myself (1 man) will take me for the years.

  4. I want to see path of the file which i edit. You know sometime you edit two file same time which have same file name and you could confuse which one is correct…

  5. Hi! I have problem with russian symbols in html. In browser i got Портфолио, but it must be портфолио

    • Привет. Поменяй кодировку файла, и в заголовке HTML страницы.

      • Спасибо, просто указал кодировку в хтмл файле и заработала. Еще одинивопрос – быстрая навигация должна реботать по css классам или нет?

  6. I paid for the program but does not save the files.

  7. Прога хорошая, хочу купить! Есть один вопрос: можно ли в платной версии выбирать путь к файлу изображения или скрипта, если нет то сделайте, будет намного удобнее.

  8. The ‘”reformat code” indenting and element auto-completion features need more work.
    HTML elements without bodies and which do not require termination,such as “”, “”, “” and “”, and SGML markup such as the “” element should not increase indentation levels for the elementsin the HTML document. Also, HTML does not require that “” follow the body of a “” element.

    Allowing customization of the reformatting style beyond selecting indent spacing, such as which elements have newlines before or after them, is also an essential feature of such a facility.

    All of the above should be fairly easy to implement.

  9. Hi!!! I write php coding and I am trying to view in my android browser but it keep saying set up
    URL. And when I am trying to set up, It keep saying it’s only available in full version. Should I buy full version if I want to execute php files or is there another way to execute php files without paid. Pls reply me as soon as you see my comments. Thanks you.

  10. The built in ftp client doesnt seem to work correctly or it defaults to a folder that has nothing to do with the ftp user home folder on my shared windows hosting service while all other standalone ftp clients i am using works perfectly, i paid for this app upon positive reviews, i hope that u can provide a fix

    • You can setup default home folder with ftp address like

      • I am not quit sure i got your answer, will you elaborate? Plz note that i am only allowed to create an ftp user and assign it to one of my domains home folder Such as via my shared windows hosting using cPanel

  11. Hello, i wonder i you an provide more details

    • I use a setup as you described, where my ftp acct is the root of my host server. this server hosts several pages that I write. in the project settings, I choose a root folder for the project (specific to awd and the project) this allows me to use one ftp account for my phone that reaches only the folder I assign to the project. hope this helps.

  12. Здравствуйте.
    Выше видел вопрос похожий с ответом.
    Все равно не пойму как мне адрес сайта в браузере писать. Пишу имя папки сайта test2. Выдаёт ошибку. И мне никак не ясно – как в Ulti server указать адрес Там нет поля подходящего. Пробовал его в имя сервера записать. Тоже не помогает.
    Заранее благодарю

  13. попробую кратко. в awd открываю проект. выбираю просмотр в браузере. Далее выбираю настроить url. пытаюсь вводить что-нибудь в поле url проекта. появляется окно: действие доступно в полной версии приложения. что делать?
    кроме того. ulti server раньше awd запускаю.остаётся запущен.там стартую сервер php и lighttpd. нужен ли сервер php? и здесь в логе пишет: 2014-10-12 03:18:07 [] – PHP returned:
    sh: [1]: /data/data/com.icecoldapps.ultiserver/php/php: can’t execute: Permission denied
    что с этой ошибкой делать?

    • 1. Эм кажется довольно очевидно – купить полную версию приложения.
      2. Я не знаю нужен ли вам php интерпретатор или нет.

      Вам помоему надо почитать, что такое php, веб сервер и вообще начать с основ перед тем как писать код. Потому что вы явно не понимаете что где испалняться должно и что куда пересылается.

  14. если взять статью: как запустить php.Больше всего меня интригует: куда записывать адрес у меня бесплатные версии ulti server и awd. и мне никак не удаётся вписать адрес. всегда появляются сообщения, что действие не доступно(это моими словами).

  15. да.забыл сказать.я php скипты создаю локально на мобильном телефоне.без ftp протокола. ftp нужен будет возможно позже.

  16. Да. Спасибо. :))) понял. php хорошо знаю. просто с этими программами не привычно. хотелось бы иметь возможность хоть иногда сайты делать на мобильном телефоне

  17. Hi I am planning to buy this but just want to know onething. On the left side where the panel slides, in full version does have the list of all the recent files I opened?
    In free/lite version it shows only the current file.

  18. Hello, I am having difficulty with files I open that I download to or transfer to my android. I cannot scroll down to the bottom of the files, or add any characters. I can delete characters and add up to the same amount of characters, but no more. Does anyone have experience with this issue?

  19. i made a prodject but cant make another file. help?

  20. I already purchased the app. I had to wipe out my kindle. How do I restore my purchase?

    • Login in your Amazon/Google account.

      • I am, but when I click Unlock All Features, it pops up with a box saying $4.99. Amazon isn’t always clear about what I have or have not purchased. I just want to make sure I will not be charged again.

  21. I have the paid version of the app but I have a problem with saving.
    The app says that it doesn’t have the permission to write. (I tryed a few paths)

    Error: EACCES (Permission denied)

    (I don’t now how I modify permissions of apps)

    At the app info page in the android settings stands that writing and modify permissions are given.

    • You are trying to save data in paths available only for system and root. Try to save it somewhere you data is, e.g. /0/storage/DCIM – something like that.

  22. how can i link my css file to my file html?

  23. How to link my css file to html?

    • As always it’s done in html. It doesn’t related to IDE.

      • Two ways:

        – Create connection LOCAL FS connection, than using it open project in path something like storage/0/data/peakgames/, than pick needed json file in file tree
        – Open needed json file in file manager and select AWD in list of “open with” programs.

  24. Hey I am trying to open a json file and edit it that is already on my galaxy s3 phone in emulated storage/0/data/peakgames/…. any suggestions for me? I cant figure out how to open existing files, close files and I screwed up when I first installed and ean program for the first time I tried “create new project ” and now it wont let me close that one or open anything else or im dumb. Please help

  25. Hi,

    I really like this program, and I’ve just purchased it from Amazon. If you are open to suggestions, here is a very simple one. Can you please have this app recognize .SHTML files as .HTML files? Right now, if I open up a .SHTML file for editing, the text is only displayed in white, while HTML files are color coded.

    Keep up the great work!

  26. I can’t get this app to work over a VPN connection. I always receive an error message about connect reset by peer. I’ve tried 3 different VPN clients with the same results.

    Is there anyway to use this app with a VPN Connection?

    • *** Resolved *** Solution: Use IPVanish.
      For some reason I can’t get this to work with the free VPN services, but it works fine with the IPVanish VPN service.

  27. Hi, you’ve build a great app few things I want to know In this app
    1. I purchased this app for php work bt still unable to find a way run php…

    2. If I reset my phone this app will be deleted too bt when I download it again will I get the full version automatically?

    Thanks for the app

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