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31 thoughts on “Roadmap

  1. This is a fantastic app, but the single-highest value I have for this app is the setup/config. I run *lots* of websites, and I would love to export/import a JSON config file or something. Possible?

  2. Hm, sorry but I don’t know. I just can say that information about connections stored in Database. Possible it will help in googling.

  3. I see that Google Drive/Dropbox integration on the roadmap. If the settings were synched through one of these services, that would accomplish what m is requesting, right?

  4. Add Box support! 🙂 (Not DropBox, I would like Box! Haha)

  5. Is it possible for you tot add SASS/COMPASS support? Fir mee it is the only thing missing right now. Love the product.

  6. hi,

    Are you planning to support HTML5?

  7. hi frinds u told unlock now im fligh down here? why? great IDE
    want try the full lizenz. thnk u very much.

  8. Is word wrap going to be includedat any point? It is hard when you have to scroll to see all of he content on the page to alter code. GREAT APP!

  9. How do I set a default HTML file when I “view in browser”?
    Often i’m editing JavaScript files and I have to switch to the index.html file before I can try my changes.

    Also, webview performance in android 4.4 is shockingly bad, any chance of using crosswalk or geckoview?

  10. Good Apps, but on my nexus 7 (2013) doen’t connect to the FTP server… “Could not switch to binary trasferì mode”. On my nexus 5, same Server works….

  11. Mark R. slisz Jr

    Can you add ftp support so I can upload and sync websites to my hosting server

  12. Hello, just testing the free version out right now. Is there FTP possibilities with this application at all?

  13. What is synchronize project? Could I have the same copy locally on my phone that I could synch to my remote server ?

  14. Hey,
    Is there a trial version? I wanted to clone my git project, but was requested to buy the full version. I would like to check it out first before I do. Even 1 day trial would be great.

  15. +1 for typescript support
    Why not? ES6 will be like it soon. One more thing, it will be nice if the app has something like browserify 🙂

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