0.3 is here! GIT inside.

  • Git integration. Clone/Commit/Push/Pull/Init are released. To setup git go to Project Settings. To work with git, use long click on root of your project.device-2014-01-16-201603_framed
  •  Brackets now close automatically. Can be disable on Settings->Editor
  •  HTML tags now close automatically. Can be disable on Settings->Editor
  • index.html template now created already with included JS and CSS files
  •  A lot of bugs were fixed and improvements done

0.29 is out

Happy New Year! It’s last update in this year.


  •  Use context menu in file tree to see information about file
  •  Auto-indent function. Enabled by default
  •  Share function. Now you can easily send file and code by email or to DropBox.
  •  Changed default settings of font size and font type
  •  Fixed a bug where the wrong URL was formed


0.27 is out.

  •  Significant changes in code highlighting. It should work much faster now. Css code highlighting remake from zero. Should work much more correctly
  •  Fixed a bug when file content was removed if you making copy-paste to the same folder where origin file is (Thanks to Keith Wilson)
  •  Now you can run PHP with “https” servers

0.26 is out!


  • Have been added opportunity to set root URL of project. Then you can run code on web server (local or remote) with 
  • Imagethis URL. Only in FULL version
  • Fixed a bug where error indicators were not removed
  • Fixed a bug when program crashes after the destruction process by Android
  • Have been added shortcut CTRL+Y – duplicate current line
  • Improved JavaScript code highlighting


V0.25 is out!



  • Fixed bug when files were not saved before application closing
  • Long file names now will be “ellipsized” in the middle
  • Now you can create new project with standard files inside folders ( style.css, script.js, server.php)
  • Reduced APK size
  • Improved FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WEBDav integration
  • Description of error’s connecting to remote servers is more clear now
  • Ftp connection timeout now works
  • Possibility to open page in external browser. You can enable it in Settings->General
  • A lot of bugs were fixed and improvements done


Last two days, when you can buy FULL version of app for 2.99$, instead 4.99$!