How to work with version control systems?

This feature available only in Full version.

How to add existing project in VCS?

  • Open project which you want to add in VCS
  • Go to Project->Settings and fill URL of remote repository, login and password (if necessary)


  • Make a long click on root folder of your project and click on “Create Git repository“. This operation will done next things:
git init
git remote add origin
git add
git commit -m ‘initial commit’


  • Now, through context menu of root folder:


  • You can Commit, Push and Pull your project.


How to get project from remote repository?

  • Use main menu and click on “Clone from Git
  • Fill fields like on screenshot


  • Press clone

16 thoughts on “How to work with version control systems?

  1. Hello, I just bought the AWD IDE because I needed the git integration, but I can’t change a branch.

    Please help or retrieve me the money.

  2. Also, how do I push and commit changes ?

    • Hi, you can not change brunch for now through application (as it mentioned in description). To push, commit, pull etc you have to read help –

      Now, through context menu of root folder you can Commit, Push and Pull your project.

  3. I’m attempting to pull on a project I already cloned from Git but the updates from the repo are not coming down to AWD.

  4. Gabriel Richards


    Paying user here.

    Cannot git clone because the interface will not allow me to accept the connection. I ssh to my git server and have a self signed certificate.

    After attempting to clone I get a message asking if I’m sure I want to connect, but it goes away quickly and has no option to accept.


  5. It support SSH with private key,

  6. Функции работы с git не рабочим, пишет, что push сделан, а репозиторий на hub’е не обновляется. К тому же не сохраняются настройки проекта при выборе типа аутенфикациии на приватный ключ

  7. Paying user. So far I have not been able to use “clone from git” feature. Whatever I choose in Project Location and Folder Name results in “Creating directories for: /myproject/.git failed”. Does it mean AWD can not able to create a directory called ‘myproject’ ? I can not create it manually as I don’t know where AWD saves the files. Could you give clearer instructions as to how to do this / avoid the error?

  8. Thanks. I did as you suggested. But now when “Cloning … ” pops up it then throws a “Can’t open git-upload pack” error. It creates .git folder in my custom project directory but fails to clone the contents. I am able to clone this repository from anywhere else.

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