Hardware keyboard hotkeys

 Only for hardware shortcuts or Hacker’s keyboard!

  • CTRL+F : Search
  • CTRL+SHIFT+F : Search back
  • CTRL+R : Replace
  • CTRL+SHIFT+R : Replace all
  • CTRL+G : Go to line
  • CTRL+SHIFT+W : Change language of opened file
  • CTRL+SHIFT+L : Auto format code of opened file
  • CTRL+Z : Undo
  • CTRL+S : Save current opened file
  • CTRL+SHIFT+Z : Redo
  • CTRL+4 : Close current tab
  • CTRL+SLASH : Comment current line
  • ALT+E : Show errors in file
  • CTRL+N : Fast navigation. Go to Class, method, function by name
  • CTRL+E : Recently closed files
  • CTRL+SPACE : Code completion
  • CTRL+D : Delete current line
  • CTRL+Y : Duplecate current line
  • CTRL+ALT+LEFT/RIGHT : Go to left/right opened tab
  • CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT : Move cursor through one word
  • SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT : Move cursor on one symbol with selection
  • CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT : Move cursor on one word with selection
  • CTRL+T: Fast view in browser

8 thoughts on “Hardware keyboard hotkeys

  1. what about Ctrl+S : save file?

  2. With Hackers Keyboard, Alt-E adds an unwanted character (‘) to the file being checked, thus adding a new error. Fortunately, Cmd-E also triggers the Error checking but without this side effect. It would be nice to have a menu item for this feature.

    • Hi, thank you for this report – will remake this hotkey. You can open error list through search drawer -> Show errors button. To open search drawer make swipe from right cornet, or press search button in action bar.

  3. Would be nice to have a block indent/deindent hotkey

  4. how about multiline comments

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