What  does mean “Connection” ?

How can I use Tab button with software keyboard?

How can I create new file?

When default encoding will be used?

How to setup initial folder with non Local FS protocols?

How to run PHP code?

How to work with version control systems?

How to navigate to class/function/method?

Have other question? You are welcome to ask in official google+ community.


13 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Im new to programming but good at it. i want to know if your going to support xhtml, java, html5 and others? i see different types of languages in other apps on android but cant remember all of em. i would love to have them all in AWD. im still improveing my coding and want to get a job in programming but i need to learn alot.

  2. Is there a way to show hidden files, typically .filename ?

  3. Is there any way to close a file in AWD? I accidentally opened a .gif file, and it’s I can’t seem to get ridof the tab.

  4. Good day,
    I was wondering if I could choos on witch branch I am developing is the got repo.
    I haven’t found this option yet and I was hoping you could help me out with this.

    With kind regards,

  5. How do I view files in order to open them?

  6. How do I see the files I wish to open? How do I open these files?

  7. I am wondering if there is a way to manually input the folder path to the location of my project on an sftp server. It is a shared server so I do not have permissions to read the home folder. This prevents me from being able to utilize the “open project” dialog through folder taps to my own home folder.

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